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Transportation for Washington

Complete Survey Questions

  1. Do you support completing the Seattle Streetcar Center City Connector project?
  2. Do you support road pricing, including congestion pricing, as a strategy to reduce congestion in Seattle?
  3. Do you support West Seattle/Ballard Link light rail alignments, including route and station options, that could require 3rd party funding?
  4. Do you support taxes on ridehailing trips, such as Uber and Lyft, to incentivize public transit trips and fund transportation improvements?
  5. Do you support public-private partnerships to provide new transportation options, such as app-based services, autonomous vehicles, scooters, and bike share?
  6. Do you support impact fees on development to fund multimodal (walk/bike/transit) transportation improvements?
  7. Do you support fare enforcement programs focused on providing alternatives to fines and penalties?
  8. Do you support King County running an additional or alternative countywide TBD measure that maintains the level of Seattle service?
  9. Do you support transit-oriented development, including increased density with mandatory affordability?
  10. Do you support creation of a regional income-based fare program?